posted by: Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel on: December 22, 2020

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The BC government is advising against non-essential travel right now, which leaves many people left wondering what is considered essential or not. You’ll be pleased to know that travelling for medical appointments and to care for a family member is still considered essential travel. 


If you live in a smaller town or rural area on Vancouver Island and require specialist care, surgery procedures or other treatments, the chances are you will have to travel to a larger town or city to do this. 


Keep reading to see how to make your trip stress-free.


Travel Assistance Program (BC)

We know that travelling for medical reasons can become expensive, whether it’s the gas cost of driving across the province or accommodation while you’re away. That’s why BC has the travel assistance program in place, you can find out if you’re eligible by checking out the information on the BC government website.


Finding a Place to Stay

It isn’t common knowledge but some hotels offer a medical or compassionate stay rate. Giving you a comfortable place to stay at an affordable rate, especially if you don’t have friends or family in the place where your medical appointment is. 


It’s a good idea to get the address of the place where your appointment is and search for a hotel that’s close to where you need to be. In Victoria, you would most likely be searching for hotels near Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital. The Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel is only a 10 minute and 17 minute drive respectively from these major hospitals. 


We recommend that you book your hotel as soon as you know the dates you will need to be there, for a couple of reasons; to get the best possible rate and to secure a room before the accommodation fills up. 


If you need to travel to Victoria for medical or compassionate reasons, then why not stay with us at The Best Western Plus Carlton Plaza Hotel. We offer a discounted medical travel rate when you call us directly and book - as well as giving you a comfortable and convenient place to stay while you’re visiting.